What is your bedtime routine? Well, clean up dinner, get the kids ready for bed, get the kids to bed, (don’t fall asleep in bed with kids) clean up toys, take time to talk with husband, get my stuff out for next workout, get ready for bed, but wait…I need to de-stress…

What do you do to de-stress? Eat some sweets, drink an alcholic beverage, drink some pop or other sugery drink, sit and watch TV, read a book. So which one is it, what is best for your body?

I’m tired, I’m sore I just want to lay down, but wait I need to reset my mind, reset my body before laying down. What to do, easy gentle yoga and stretch. By doing yoga before bed it can help release everything physically and mentally let go. This can improve your quality of sleep and get into a deeper sleep.

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Benefits of Yoga before Bed

  1. Alleviates insomnia
  2. Aide in weight loss
  3. Improve quality of sleep and life
  4. Promotes relaxation


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