5 Questions to ask your self everyday

  1. When did you last eat?-If it’s been linger than 2-4 hours, it’s time to eat.
  2. Where is the complete protein?-Are you about to eat at least 1 serving (20-30g) of complete protein? If not add some NOW! Women get 1 serving, and men get 2 servings.
  3. Where are the veggies?-Are you about to east at least 2 servings of veggies? Prepare them anyway you like, but eat them with every meal or snack! One serving is about half a cup to one cup and your target is 5-10 cups per day…How do you measure up!
  4. Where are the carbs?-If you have fat to lose but haven’t worked out, put down the pasta, bread, rice and other starchy carbs in favor of a double serving of fruits and veggies. If you have just worked out, a mix of carb sources is fine.
  5. Where are your fats coming from?-Today you need some fat from animal foods, from olive oil, from mixed nuts, and from flaxseeds/flaxseed oil. Spread them throughout the day but make sure to add them in.