Powerful clean eating foods should be in your fridge, on the counter, in your cupboard, and at your desk. Add these foods to your grocery list and start eating them now! You can add some of these items to what you eat already and some you can eat on their own.

eat-dark-chocolate122. Chocolate-That’s right I said chocolate. Dark kind can make you less likely to develop high blood pressure or suffer strokes, new research shows that people whose diets include chocolate milk or dark chocolate(in moderation) have a 37% lower risk of heart disease. Still high in calories so control that craving to a little bit a day.
5603f463-7e99-3004-4838-a5b93aa801fa21. Nuts-Don’t shovel them in by the handful, but slowing enjoy your almonds and pistachios. Studies have found that people who regularly nosh on nuts are leaner than those who don’t. Count out an ounce which is roughly 24 almonds and 47 pistachios, and savor slowly.
egg_png1420. Eggs– Starting your day with an egg has proven a person felt less hungry and consumed fewer calories throughout the day than those who ate a bagel. Don’t ditch the yolks, it’s a good source of vitamin D and choline, a nutrient important for keeping the liver, heart, and brain healthy!
270406-avocados19. Avocados-One of my favorites and so versatile, and what person doesn’t love guac! Avocados are hearth-healthy monounsaturated fats & fiber that help you stay satisfied longer. Not to bad on the calories either, only 50 for on quarter of a medium-size avocado.
can-drinking-tea-prevent-type-2-diabetes-1440x81018.  Black Tea, Peppermint Tea, & Green Tea-Black Tea is for stress relief, Peppermint Tea can help you focus and Green Tea can help shed pounds.
healing_honey17. Honey-Swirl a teaspoon or two of antioxidant-laced “liquid gold” into your oatmeal, tea, or even coffee. Pure honey can affect your hunger hormones in a slimming way, studies have shown it can delay the rise of ghrelin, a hormone that drives us to eat.
garlic16.  Garlic-So it might make your breath a little stinky, but the bulb has heart-healthy benefits you don’t want to miss and can protect against stomach & colon cancer.
4849c9f3-0b19-4e3a-9995-5542e305903d-pickled_mustard_seeds_www_the-chefs-wife_com15. Mustard-Use whole-grain mustard instead of mayo and you’ll save 80 calories & 9.5 grams of fat per tablespoon. Plus mustard seed is a cousin of kale and cabbage, and contains similar immune-boosting power…grainy varieties pack the most since they are less processed!
ginger-root-sliced_57014. Ginger-It’s one spice along with black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, garlic powder, oregano, paprika, rosemary, & turmeric that may blunt the negative effects of high-fat meals that spike heart-burning triglycerides in your blood.
bestandworstyogurtpickstoday13. Yogurt -It’s filling & slimming, thanks to protein. The Greek kind has more of it-20 grams per cup-than a chicken cutlet. Yogurt contains probiotics, the “good” bacteria that rev up your immune system. Add some fruit to sweeten your treat!
195857312. Whole Grains-Start adding whole grains do your diet…people who consume them are better able to lose belly fat. Whole-grain pasta & bread, brown rice, and quinoa count as protein which means it supplies all of the essential amino acids your body needs.
baby-spinach11. Spinach-It’s nice to know you can count spinach as a multivitamin because it’s packed with vitamin A, C, K & folate, which boosts the production of brain chemicals that affect your mood.
papaya-0310. Papaya-This tropical fruit will help satisfy your sweet tooth. One cup delivers more than your daily needs of vitamin C, a nutrient that my help fight colds and create collagen, proteins that keep skin smooth and supple. Eat a few more slices ladies and consider it a facial!
oatmeal-bowl9. Oatmeal-Full of soluble fiber, a bad-cholesterol-buster that helps burn BELLY FAT. Go for the unsweetened kind and add flavor with berries and ground flax-a super source of omega-3s.
kiwi-natural-remedy-for-many-diseases-featured18. Kiwi-One serving=2 kiwi delivers as much potassium as a banana and more vitamin C than an orange, all for about 85 calories.
7. Kale-The unsung veggie hero, a half-cup serving packs 420% of your daily dose of vitamin K, a starring role in bone health. Kale also ranks high in cancer-fighting glucosinolates.benefits-of-kalesalmon fillet

6. Canned Salmon-Fish is the number-one source of omega-3s, the fatty acids that can reduce risk of heart disease and stroke, and may increase serotonin, a happy-mood chemical.
cabbage-15. Cabbage-Ditch the lettuce and add cabbage to your burger next time. Each cup of shredded cabbage is roughly 20 calories and is packed with glucosinolates, chemicals that bolster your body’s defenses against cancer-causing free radicals.
4.Apples-Contains quercetin, a compound that can protect brain cells from tissue-damaging free radicals, great source of fiber which can help you slim down, 1 apple contains 16% of your daily dose.
apples3.Bananasfresh-banana-substancesRoughly 100 calories packed with vitamins, such as, 3 grams of fiber and potassium to help keep blood pressure down.
 20160106-beans-vicky-wasik-12.Beans-A top source of fiber, protein, B vitamins, zinc, iron, and magnesium. Black beans pack disease-fighting antioxidants and adzuki beans are full of iron and don’t make you as gassy!
1.Berries-Blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries are packed with antioxidant power and loaded with fiber. Feel free to buy them from the freezer save on money and you won’t have to throw them away! Add them to a salad, smoothie, oatmeal, or muffin mix!berries