JU Fitness offers an unparalleled online training experience that takes your fitness journey to the next level. With Jessi by your side every step of the way, you’ll experience online fitness like never before.

JU Fitness’ program offers not only fitness training but also nutrition and habit coaching features, providing a holistic approach to your overall health and wellness. With Jessi’s guidance, you’ll have everything you need to stay focused, motivated, and inspired to reach your fitness goals.

What sets JU Fitness’ program apart is the 2-way messaging feature, which allows you to communicate with Jessi at any time. Whether you have questions about your workout, need nutritional guidance, or just want some extra motivation, Jessi is always just a message away.

With JU Fitness’ program, you’ll have access to a supportive community of individuals who share your fitness goals. You’ll be able to inspire others, as well as draw inspiration from them.

Overall, JU Fitness’ online training program is the perfect solution for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals in a way that is convenient, effective, and personalized. With Jessi’s expertise and support, you can transform your body and mind, and achieve a healthier, happier life.

14 Day Starter


This program is great to use as a 2-week challenge or starter program.


30-day Challenge: Get Moving

30 Day Challenge


Ease your beginner clients into an active lifestyle with basic workouts and staple exercises. Perfect for group challenges!



Clients looking to pack some major heat will love this arm-focused program.



8-week Full Body

Beginner Full Body Bands

8 Weeks

An introduction to using bands for beginners.


Beginner Lower Body

8 Weeks

Designed for your beginner clients, this program delivers a full-body transformation with a little extra something for the legs and glutes.

Beginner Upper Body

8 Weeks

Designed with beginner clients in mind, this program offers a full-body transformation with a focus on the upper body.


At Home: Calisthenics

8 Weeks

Help clients add strength, build endurance, and improve their cardiovascular fitness with this bodyweight-only program.

At Home: Free Weights

8 Weeks

1) Pick up heavy objects. 2) Put down heavy objects. 3) Repeat. This full-body program is designed for clients looking to build strength.

At Home: No Equipment

8 Weeks

No gym? No problem! Help clients stay fit workout out at home and maintain their strength and their cardiovascular fitness with this bodyweight-only program.