Have you ever been to C.U.T class. This class is a full body workout, no cookie cutter short-cuts, different workout each week. C.U.T is a mix of cardio body movements, dumb-bell, resistance bands, battle ropes, box jumps, TRX, yoga, and more. Some see my 5’4″ frame leading this class and think this is going to be easy, um no, usually those who under estimate my workout are gased out by set 2. If you are in the Dayton area, try it out $7.00 drop in fee located at American Health & Fitness 53 S Main St Miamisburg, every Wednesday 6-7pm 2nd Floor. Being healthy and fit shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Remember this is just a small portion of tonight’s workout.
Each exercise 50 seconds 10 second break between, 2 sets
-squat press with resistance band
-squat press with 1 weight press
-squat jumps to box or step
-pop squat (hands down) start in plank jump feet to hands and back to plank
-walking side to side squats w/ resistance band around thighs
-walking forward to back squats w/ resistance band around thighs