Many times I hear from people is I hate cardio or I can’t run and the other is I don’t have time because of my kids. People, people of course I have a solution, one you have to make your mind up to yourself that you will make a change and become a better you. Once you do that the change will reflect to your kids. I love my two little one’s and want to spend every moment I can with them, so we workout together. Your kids already adore you, so let’s start teaching good healthy habits and build a healthier you and family. This workout is a cardio based workout, with no running involved. Can be done in your living room, bedroom, or outside! Bring those kiddos along!

Have to explain the picture too, this is the finish photo from my most recent Marathon, The Grand Lake Marathon is Celina, Ohio on September 23rd. This was a hot one, it was my first race after giving birth to my son who is now 15 months old. Nothing like crossing the finish line with my kids in my arms!

Do each exercise for 45 seconds 2 sets or as many sets as you can!
-Step slides both ways
-Frog jumps
-Wall taps
-Squat jumps
-Jump lunges
-Long jumps