Many of us struggle during the colder months to stay motivated, be active outside, and workout all together. I’m right there with you, it’s so easy to get into a funk during the colder months. Time to change up your workout! How? Well let’s break up the longer runs on the treadmill into intervals with your weights in between. If you already have a treadmill great, if not it’s time to start looking. I know, I know not a treadmill runner, me either however, during the cold months I use the treadmill for my speed workouts! Keeps it fun and interesting, plus it’s easy to track your 400’s and 800’s to see if you can beat your time! Don’t waste time looking, let the experts to the research for you! has it all, best treadmills for walkers, runners, training and best features. Make sure you get the best fit for you, because you are investing in yourself, and that is the best investment! Still not a treadmill runner, that’s ok, layer up and do the workout outside (if you are in the Midwest)!

Warm-up 1/2 mile walk/run whatever your tempo is…
Fast tempo run 0.25 (400 Meters)
12 Squat Press
25 Push-up
2 Sets

Fast tempo run 0.25
30 Crunches
20 Hammer curls
2 Sets

Fest tempo run 0.25
20 alternating lunges w/ curl
15 Burpees
2 Sets

Plank Series
Elbow plank 30 seconds
Side Plank Dips 10 each side
Knee to opposite elbow, plank on hands 30
2 Sets

Cool Down 1/2 walk/run lower tempo